No forced shoppings / No tourist traps

At first glance, you may notice that some of our tours appear to cost more than similar looking ones from other tour operators. However when you look closer, you will find that we offer the best value for your money.

Amid an intense competition of travel business in this region, many tour operators nowadays have made some agreements with the shops, factories and outlets to bring tourists to visit these places, and the operators will be rewarded in terms of money which can lower their tour cost. But by practicing this, tourist will have to waste their tour time and will not receive the best service. Some tour operators even able to sell at a very low rate but they have put some 2-3 stops at these places in the itineraries, which will left the tourist very limited time to travel around.

Siam Pride is sincere regarding our shopping policy, unlike other travel agencies that fail to include shopping in their itineraries. We guarantee that our customers will not be taken to any shops or factory outlets. We are one of the first Thailand tour company to make our itineraries ABSOLUTELY SHOPPING FREE. We have selected the tour guide of the top quality who has an ideal to provide the high-quality tour. We are paying a rewarding wage to the guide and driver so they is no necessary for them to focus on the petty commissions from these shops.

We are backing this policy with a money back guarantee. Siam Pride will refund the land service costs (excluding hotels, air, and train fares, attraction entrance fees and meals) immediately upon verified, if our guide deviates from the agreed itinerary without permission.

If, however, if you would like to buy something from Thailand on your tour with our help, you will need to sign a disclaimer to allow your tour guide to recommend the best places to buy and take you for shopping.

(Please note that many of the attractions e.g. Floating Market, will have shops, but these are incidental and not included as part of the itinerary.)